College of Nursing, Hanyang University


The RN to BSN program offers licensed, practicing nurses who have associate’s degrees a route to earning a BSN degree. The program is for licensed RNs who seek to take on greater responsibility and a broader role in health care, who wish to achieve leadership roles, greater professional mobility and for those who are considering graduate study in nursing. Admission to the School of Nursing is competitive. To be considered for admission, applicants must submit a completed application. 



- Course Overview 

Course No. Course Title Credit - Lecture hr - Practice
NUR 4018 Home Health Nursing 3-3-0
NUR4064 Intergrative Nursing 2 (Middle-aged adult health nursing) 2-2-0
NUR4065 Integrative Nursing 3 2-2-0
CUL2053 Understanding of Contemporary Economics 2-2-0
NUR4067 Professionalism and Ethics in Nursing 3-3-0
NUR0 466 Intergrative Nursing 4 (Child Health Nursing) 2-2-0
NUR 4069 Integrative Nursing Practice 1
NUR4071 Women's Life-long Health
NUR 4068 Health Promotion 2-2-0
NUR 3026 Hospice 3-3-0
NUR 4033 ChronicCareNursing 3-3-0
NUR4056 Nursing Management 3-3-0
NUR4070 Integrative Nursing Practice 2