Welcome all of you !

School of Nursing has been committed to raise excellent nurses in accordance with educational philosophy and objectives of Hanyang University since 1969. Our nursing education program has aimed at educating clinically competent healthcare providers, creative educators and nursing researchers. We have regard for human life and educate students to enhance clients' health and well-being holistically based on creative and critical thinking abilities through nursing education.

Our school has the graduates over 2200, 480 and 106 from baccalaureate, master and doctoral programs, respectively. They are actively working and take a leadership role in implementing their nursing knowledge to clients in various healthcare settings.

During the time with us, we will guide students as a mentor to advise and prepare for their careers and opportunities to be an active and collaborative member in healthcare systems and community. Also, we will try to find outstanding faculty members and to make learning environment better. We will base our passion and intelligence on the ground and build up professional excellence and nursing-specific evidences for healthy future. Please encourage us to do that all the time.

Thank you for joining us!