Mission and Goals

The goal of the department of nursing is to prepare professional nurses in maintaining and promoting the health of individuals, families, groups and communities, aid in the prevention of diseases, and help in the recovery and rehabilitation of clients from illness. Graduates from this department can be found in healthcare organizations where their responsibilities include maintaining and promoting the health of patients, families, and communities by assisting in the prevention of diseases, aiding in the recovery from illnesses, and providing medical aid for various types of injuries. The courses and training within this program includes a focus on the theory and application of different medical treatments, assessment skills, cooperation and leadership development, critical thinking, and the clinical practice necessary for working in diverse settings. The department covers up-to-date nursing practices and techniques which include assessing, diagnosing, planning, intervening and evaluating as the fundamental skills and knowledge every nurse should possess. The nursing department aims to provide a rich educational experience for its students so as to highly motivate them to actively participate in well orchestrated efforts to positively contribute to the healthcare field.