Graduate School of Information in Clinical Nursing

The Graduate School of Information in Clinical Nursing has the purpose to foster hospice cares and nursing professionals who offer better end-of-life care for patients, senior citizens and their families.

The school aims to be an open classroom where they can receive continuous education and reeducation in concert with the changing environment of the informational and technological societies. The students are expected to take charge of people's health, improvement in quality of life, and finally the ideal care of human beings.

Majors & Classifications
MSN & Ph.D Elective Subjects
Major Classification
Clinical Hospice Care & Special Nursing Major in Hospice Nursing
Special Gerontological Nursing Major in Mental & Psychiatric Health Nursing
Major in Gerontology & Dementia Nursing
Gerontological Welfare Major in Gerontological Welfare
Major in Care & Case Management
Major in Health Insurance Review
Clinical Hospice Care & Special Nursing
  • A hospice helps people maintain dignity and peace when the time to die comes. The students are provided with the basic knowledge, and skills, and they can experience hospice members. They learn about the subjects related to hospice theories and palliative care.
Mental & Psychiartric Health Nursing
  • The Major trains nursing professionals who play a major role in maintaining the mental health of patients and contribute to the development of studies in mental health.
Gerontology & Dementia Nursing
  • Korea is one of the world’s fastest aging societies. Thus, it is essential to train nursing professionals who can deal with senior citizens and geriatric diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The students are provided with various classes, practice and research programs for dementia treatment.
Gerontological Welfare
  • This course is prepared to train and educate gerontological welfare professionals who will serve the aged and solve their problems in an aging society which we are rapidly entering into. We want this course to train essential experts who will be the leaders equipped with compatible views and knowledge on policies, practices, research, and so on, in the gerontological welfare sector of the current globalization era. Any applicant who majors in whatever area will be welcomed and admitted to this course, as far as she or he has interest in gerontological welfare matters.
Care and Case Management
  • The Major aims to train care and case management professionals. The students are expected to participate in all kinds of volunteer works and online lectures, to analyze various cases gathered from various clinical fields, and to find ways of adaptating them to case management systems.