Research Institute of Nursing Science

Purpose of establishment
  • - Providing maintenance and preparation of funding for nursing research and public health project under government and organizations
  • - Offering stable research environment by receiving external funding from medium and long-term project by researchers from Department of Nursing
  • - Reflecting the inventive research ability by developing research paradigm meet the demands of the age of health promotion
  • - Empowering research capability to the international-level through collaborative research
  • - Contributing to society by analyzing healthcare and welfare-related data and presenting policy proposal
Main activities
Academic research
  • ① Research in community nursing – Performing a preliminary investigation research for community participation of moderation in alcohol and family safety and healthcare
  • ② Research in hospice – Consigned management of a hospice business
  • ③ Research in child and family health – Providing anti-smoking clinic and anti-smoking declaration campaign from Seongdong Gu Community Health Center
  • ④ Research in mental health – Carrying out research on developing an adolescent alcohol use prevention program
  • ⑤ Research in rehabilitation - Performing outsourcing service about Life care Bot with a private enterprise
  • ⑥ Research in women health – Establishing education and management program for healthcare of immigrant women of childbearing age
  • ⑦ Research in gerontological nursing – Developing non-pharmacologic intervention in persons with dementia, frailty, and urinary incontinence
Policy development
Developing policies with service of government groups such as Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Employment and Labor, Ministry of Education, Ministry of environment and local government groups such as Seongdong Gu.
Academic activities and international research exchange
  • ① Holding domestic and International academic conferences
  • ② Publishing academic journal of nursing research
  • ③ International academic exchange and cooperative research